So I did a clean-up of my bookshelves yesterday, mostly chucking out the books I’d DNF’d but needed to put somewhere, plus a few ancient outliers that no longer, as they say, “sparked joy.” Also, by “chucking out” I mean “sent to the local book charity”; it’s a crisis hotline that runs a book fair every year to raise money.

Point being, I have space on my shelves again, which means… time to buy more books!

  • One Thousand and One Ghosts, Alexandre Dumas. I’ve historically had an aversion to “The Classics,” probably because I got burned at a young age trying to read The Lord of the Rings, which I found turgid and tedious.1 After that, I just kind of… assumed all works written prior to like the 1980s were in the same style and avoided them en masse2 which… now that I’m thinking about it as an adult, is kinda a laughable assumption. Also, I’ve already gotten through both Frankenstein and Capital vol. 1, so… this thin little tome is not intimidating in comparison.
  • Brave New World, Aldous Huxley. Well… I enjoyed 1984 way more than I thought I would,3 so we’ll try this one on as well.
  • Metro 2033, Dmitry Glukhovsky. I watched a Let’s Play of one of the games, and it’s way easier to find in stores than Roadside Picnic and The Master and Margarita, which are the Russian-spec-fic-in-translation books I’m actually looking for, and will probably have to special order.
  • Injection, vol. 3, Warren Ellis. Why did I buy this but not volume two? Er… oops.
  1. After years of on-again-off-again reading, I got halfway through the second book, and was up to… some bit where Gollum is crawling across a mountain range? Or something? Anyway, I realized that, a) I didn’t care about anything that was going on, and b) there was nothing actually forcing me to keep reading and I could stop at any time. So I did, and never went back, and never regretted it. []
  2. With the exception of my Poe and Lovecraft phases. []
  3. Which is to say: I thought I would tolerate it as A Classic and kinda skim the boring/sexist bits, but… actually ended up legitimately loving it and devoured the whole thing. []