Ruining childhoods.

/Ruining childhoods.

As someone for whom the animated Beauty and the Beast was, ahem. Very Formative… I utterly loathed the live action version, and I think Ellis does a fairly good job capturing why.

Although I do think she misses out on the straightwashing angle. That is, the animated Beauty and the Beast was in many ways informed by a gay man’s perspective on “otherness”. Something which the live action version not just misses but rather paints over with its (middle-class liberal) White Feminism 101 hot take, and thus ends up with the really weird kind of “the peasants are revolting!” vibe that the original, which is much “kinder” to the villagers, doesn’t really have…

(Also: the Beast’s creature design in the original is so much better. Dress nothing; they ruined Beast, man! Beast!)

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