First activity with the new laptop: D&D!

Some thoughts:

  • The keyboard is… weird. Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a… very flat. low-key-travel way.
  • The battery drained fast. Like… really, really, within-three-hours fast. I’m hoping this is because I literally only just pulled it off backup restore before the game, so the OS was still thrashing itself indexing files and re-syncing with Dropbox/iCloud/whatever. Because three hours out-of-the-box battery life for a laptop is… not great.
  • The only ports are four USB-Cs/Thunderbolt 3s. Yes, even the power jack. This is very… Apple (I’m old enough to remember when they were the first to do things like remove floppy and CD drives, and this feels like an extension of that) but… in the meantime, damn USB-A to -C hubs are expensive.
  • The screen both feels (and is, resolution-wise) wa-aa-aa-ay bigger than my old MBP, even though they’re both 15-inchers.
  • Speaking of, this one’s also a fair bit lighter (the old laptop is a beast, weight-wise, which I discovered while lugging it through the world’s airports).
  • This is the bottom-of-the-line 15-inch MBP, which means 16 GB RAM and the 256 GB disk. Apparently my old computer also had a 256 GB disk, which means… I have already run out of space on the new device. Er… oops.
  • Space Grey is the best color.

Also, D&D went pretty well and our paladin now has a pet mimic, so… that’s the important thing.