Whenever people talk shit about “Tumblr social justice” I think about this time I use to work with this military lady who was kinda butch and tough, and who got into a serious motorbike accident. She was off work for like a month, and when she got back we were casually chatting, as you do, and she mentioned her injury and I said something like, “What happened, if you don’t mind me asking?” But then quickly added, because I remembered The Tumblr Discourse about disability and trauma and able-bodied people demanding explanations and justifications and so on: “But you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to or it’s too painful or whatever.”

And this tough-ass biker chick nearly fucking cried, because she’d been through this whole fucking ordeal, and then had finally returned to work, and had spent the whole week cheerfully fielding intrusive fucking questions from people demanding she relive her trauma to satisfy their curiosity and the only person who’d thought maybe that wasn’t okay and had given her even a teeny bit of space had done that because of ~the discourse~ on the Blue Hellsite.

So, like. Yanno. Tumblr has problems, no lie. But also sometimes, just sometimes, it can help to make things a little better.