You wanna talk about class war? Okay. Let’s talk about class war.

We know some people who do venture capital and finance stuff. Investing in Silicon Valley startups and shorting on Wall Street, that sort of thing. They’re rich. They’re also all mostly the first generation children of immigrants.

They loathe The Big Orange. And everyone who voted for him.

So you know what they’re doing?

They started a… “firm” might be too strong a word. More like “group”. It’s the Fuck Trump Voters Group. All that they want to do with it is destroy any and all businesses they can in the Rust Belt states; either by financial instruments, by investing (or non-investing), or by social connections. They want to make sure “jobs and growth” never come back to the heartland.

They’re getting a lot of buy-in. A lot of money.

You voted this guy in, is their rationale. A vicious, bigoted rapist who’s skin’s so thin he needs the spray-tan so we don’t see his organs. He told you he’s going to bring your jobs back, but what he’s really going to do? Is make it easier for people like us–the “coastal elites”–to ruin your lives. So you know what? We’re going to. Because fuck you.

And this, right here? This is class war. The fact that it’s cruel and unhelpful, the fact that it’s one of the stated aims of the Orange Administration and definitely the aim of its “backers”, doesn’t matter. These people are angry. They feel betrayed by their country. And they’re going to make sure the working poor of middle America knows it.

It’s a vicious cycle. And it’s not going to end well…