So this is why I finally bought PhotoShop.

I tried using my old tablet the other day only to find it apparently doesn’t work with Windows 10. It was really old, so that’s not unexpected, but still a bummer.

I’ve had the iPad Pro sitting around for a while. I’ve drawn with it a bit using Procreate, which is a great app, but I still sometimes missed having the full PS experience.

Anyway, so my version of PhotoShop was an ancient version on my PC I’d “borrowed” from my “friend” Ms. Internet like a decade ago. It still worked, so I figured I’d try and hook the iPad Pro up to the PC. The app I tried was Duet Display, and it destroyed my computer. Like, I dunno what happened, but something about the driver did not like my computer, and I ended up having to rebuild Windows.

Which, of course, blatted that copy of PhotoShop.

So, anyway. Long story short: I finally bought PhotoShop CC and grabbed Astropad for my Mac. Eternal blessings to the Spirit of Steve Jobs, because it Just Worked, and ten minutes later I was sketching. Huzzah!

This is Elias, for the record. Hopefully you’ll be seeing some more of him later…