The pleco is alive! I repeat: the pleco is alive!

I swear finding this guy is like trying to take photos of bigfoot. Hopefully when he gets bigger (he should get to about 10cm) he’ll be easier to see.

In other news: Nails went into the tank today. He doesn’t seem to be having trouble swimming against the filter, which is great. His condition isn’t fantastic after being kept in QT for so long, but I’m hoping being in the bigger tank will get his colour and muscle definition up. He and the rasboras seem to completely ignore one another, which again is good.

Still way too much algae in the tank; I want to get some otos and maybe some shrimp (potentially dicey with the betta, but he’s pretty placid so we’ll see) but I might give it another month or so to settle in, since they tend to be more sensitive than the current stock. The snails are having fun in the interim, if nothing else.