60 gallon finally stabilised, so I went out and bought eight harlequin rasboras and a chocolate zebra pleco (L270), which should work for an initial stock.

Sadly Nails has come down with his gill pimple thing again, so he has to stay in the QT tank with some medicine until that clears up. Poor Nails; he’s been kept in the QT tank wa-aa-ay too long (the 60g took ages to cycle; much longer than I expected) and he’s been getting quite ill from it. Which I guess is what happens when you keep a betta in sub-optimal (<5g) conditions.

It’s definitely been interesting to watch Nails’ health in comparison to Hyleth’s (in the 7g) and Six’s (in the 20g). Hyleth got the gill pimple once which I think was from cross-contamination from Nails’ tank when I was using the same tweezers to feed them. Six has never had any problems ever.

I mean, it’s certainly wasn’t my intention to “test” the relative conditions in the tanks, but… yeah. Kinda ended up that way anyway.

Tl;dr, tiny tanks and betta do not mix.