So after a month of delays due to illness, babies, and people just not feeling like it, we finally got together to play DnD last night. This is that module I mentioned writing a while ago wherein everyone is a dragon. I also changed/messed with a bunch of rules (mostly around the way magic works), which means players don’t necessarily know how the game mechanics work.

The biggest thing, though, is that I made everyone sign up for Slack and I PM them the results of things like their Perception rolls. Introducing this kind of information asymmetry has been kind of interesting. Partly because players I suspected would be dicks about it (basically by withholding information that conveys a benefit) actively worked to try and share their knowledge with the rest of the group. But mostly because it had the side-effect of reducing the amount of metagaming that was going on (even though there’s no penalty for discussing game mechanics out loud), to the point that I had to clarify that, yes, if you want to cast spells you have to say “I cast the spell” out loud, not just make a vague action on your turn and then assume the spell was cast successfully thereafter (the players could not cast spells at the time, which they didn’t know).

Anyway. We haven’t actually gotten to the really fun parts yet (*insert evil GM laugh*) but… yeah. Interesting experience.