Guy at work was telling me how he and his friends went on a Pokémon Pub Crawl on the weekend; they bounced between the bars that were next to lured PokéStops, leveling up and catching rares. He said pretty much everyone else there was doing the same.

Some bars are doing it intentionally to draw customers: “Lures up all night Friday! Free beer for Dragonair sightings!”

I work in an area that’s only office buildings and miles away from anything. Lunchtimes are now populated by roving gangs of people in business suits swiping at their phones. Occasionally you hear cries like, “I found Clefairy!”

The park next to my house is a Gym. I saw a thirty-something man walk up with his phone and stand there for fifteen minutes. When he left, Team Mystic had taken over.

Kids these days might not remember the 90s, but we sure as hell do.