I want to run a DnD campaign where everyone is a dragon.

Not a dragonborn or blooded or whatever it’s called nowadays.

An actual dragon.

I mean, dragons have to get their hoards from somewhere, right? Why not adventuring like everyone else?

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  1. alisfranklin 7th July, 2016 at 5:16 am

    Update: I have written the basic rules and the start of a campaign based off this idea. I’ve been watching *Dark Souls III* Let’s Plays at the moment, so have blatantly ripped that off while I’m at it. Basically, magic in the world has broken and corrupted after all the dragons were slaughtered, there are very few civilians and no real civilisation left, death is a mechanic (also see: *Torment*), and there are lots of huge twisted monsters all over the place. (Owlbear? Try GIANT CORRUPTED… (more)

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