So I moved Hyleth into the nano cube today. He was doing okay, until I came back from dinner and found he’d managed to get himself wedged into the outlet for the filter, which is about a centimeter round hole in the top left of the tank’s backing.

He was wedged in really tightly, and I’m not sure how long he’d been there by the time I got home. To free him, I had to remove the impeller (it’s very close to the hole, so Hyleth got stuck at kind of a right-angle at his “neck” area) and push the poor guy out with my finger. He’s torn all the scales off on his upper back (note: not what that part of a fish is called, but you get where I mean) and ripped up some of his fins. When I was trying to push him out, my finger was definitely touching something it shouldn’t’ve been; I think maybe his gill beard. I tried to be as gentle as I could, but he’s so little. Not really the sort of pet you’re supposed to handle.

He’s spent a lot of time after just lying on the substrate, gasping, but he’s back to swimming a little bit now. Poor dumb bastard. I hope his wounds don’t get infected.

Now I have to figure out the best way to mesh-off the outflow hole, since it’s basically exactly the size for a betta to get stuck in. I’ve got breeder box mesh over it at the moment, held in place by bulldog clips, but I guess tomorrow’s project is finding a more permanent solution (the clips will rust, if nothing else).

I tell you what, I nearly had a freakin’ heart attack when I saw how he’d gotten stuck. So, yanno. Just a heads up for anyone else thinking of buying an AquaNano.