We still haven’t really done anything touristy, other than visit tailors, even though we manage to walk something like sixteen kilometers a day and catch the MTR between TST and Central like every hour. Go figure. I swear to god we tried to go to a museum but it was closed for renovations.

I got measured up for custom boots. I have fat-ass calves and a hatred of high heels, so buying boots is basically a nightmare. AUD500 for a custom-fitted pair doesn’t seem too bad.

We had Peking duck at a two star Michelin restaurant and it was the most amazing thing. Then we ordered the little butts-in-dry-ice dish, mostly because we didn’t know what it was, and it turned out to be like the equivalent of birthday cake. So tourist! Anyway, they were pretty good, even if the waitress gave us the “oh god white people” look.

Lunch continues to consist of just walking into the nearest noodles-and-dumplings place, an continues to be amazingly good. We’ve also found, like, the best coffee shop in Hong Kong, which is buried inside a sporting goods mall next to/underneath Chungking Mansions, because of course it is.

I continue to love the Hong Kong skyline at night, particularly when it’s misty.

Turtle shell jelly with honey is pretty tasty, even if I felt guilty with every bite. (A local friend ordered it and dared us to eat it.)