Hong Kong, day 2.

/Hong Kong, day 2.

The weather has stopped being cold, and started being wet-and-temperate, which is basically my favorite type of weather ever so hooray.

Today, we went shopping. Or rather, wandering around looking at other people going shopping. Hong Kong reminds me a lot of Sydney, except not shit, because I hate Sydney but Hong Kong is kind of awesome. There are like a million jewelry stores here, all called Something Fook, and Hong Kong bling is serious business. I took a photo of the Star Wars stuff (because what’s not to love about a gold R2-D2), but honestly it was pretty tame compared to most pieces.

We found the pink rabbit thing in some random shopping mall. The cage is actually a trampoline filled with pillows in the shape of food. Terrifying.

Also, apparently high tea is A Thing here, so we had another one. This was at the posh hotel across from the space museum, and we had to queue for an hour to get to it. It also cost twice the price of the one we had yesterday at our hotel. It was not, in my opinion, worth it (although the scones at least didn’t taste weirdly of lavender).

Dinner was Thai, and way too sweet. We’re going out to eat some legit Cantonese tomorrow, I swear.

Oh, and we found an appropriately hipster coffee shop for breakfast on the way to the subway station.

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