Okay but no seriously the worst thing about being an adult on Tumblr? Seeing text posts on your dash from young people who are in really horrible/abusive home situations and feeling like there’s nothing you can do? But feeling like there SHOULD be something you do because you’re An Adult?

Like holy shit I’m just some weird rando who likes your fandom posts kid and I already feel like a creeper and don’t wanna make it worse but DANGER DANGER ALERT ALERT duty of care or some shit?

WTF even I mean Adult School did not prepare me for this…

2017-09-05T19:30:22+00:0014th September, 2015|Tags: culture, social media, tumblr|

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  1. pluralpossessive 14th September, 2015 at 7:09 am

    Even by your tags, you’ve started on the right foot by asking these kids how they want us to help them. It’s even tougher when they’re in a another country; I research services I can refer them to in their area.

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