inkteller asked:

I ALSO VAGUELY SHIP BILL AND DIPPER and also mabel and being a badass and i also concur with you on that bill isn’t the REAL villain and i’m hoping some kind of enemy mine shit goes because i am ALL OVER THAT and also i do not trust ford because he’s emotionally manipulating a CHILD AND I’M SO MAD ABOUT THAT sorry for the emotion explosion


I’m honestly not sure about Ford. At the moment I think he has to be an antagonist because he disrupts the show’s core dynamic (Dipper-Mabel-Stan), but I don’t necessarily think he’s malicious. I’d be surprised if he survives the season; I suspect he’s in for some kind of Oh God What Have I Done moment later on where he sacrifices himself to save his family… but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Mabel is the best, though. It took me ages to get over her VA because I’d last heard Schaal in Bob’s Burgers. OTOH, Dipper sounds like a thirty year old man and that really threw me, so… yeah. I got used to both of them after a while.

(P.S. It’s not specifically your fault about the… Blipper is already taken by something else, so… Dill? Dill shipping. I followed a bunch of SU art blogs at one point, and I kept seeing adult!Dipper and humanish!Bill in amongst the Gems. And now I’m like… yeah, yeah they’d have this super fucked-up Q/Picard-esque relationship based on Bill being an obsessive masochist who’s bad at physical bodies and Dipper being… Dipper. So, so fucked up.)