A way better “10 years” meme: how popular websites have changed over the last decade.

According to the whois I just checked, 2019 is alis.me‘s ten year anniversary,1 although it was mostly just an email alias/redirect for most of that time and thus doesn’t really have a layout to go back to. On the other hand, 2019 is the twentieth anniversary of My First Blog,2 which was at LiveJournal… and that I still have access to (albeit never use).

… It’s probably for the best that most of all of that is gone, really.

  1. For curiosity, the oldest domain I still own I registered in 2003. I haven’t actually used it… in nearly a decade, I think. []
  2. Though I think not website; I think the first static page I made was in circa 1998. It was, ironically, about what would eventually turn into Liesmith. []