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Wyrdverse: Tales of the Wyrd

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Wyrdverse is a collection of short stories from the world of the Wyrd, including a series of stories set in the pre-Ragnarøkkr world of Loki and Sigyn.

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How Loki got his stitches. How Sigyn got her revenge. How Lain got his name. And how Sigmund got a lesson in old gods taking on new lives.

“Everything is true. Eventually.”

Featuring the untold tales from the world of the Word, this short anthology contains:

  • “Fairytale”, Sigyn’s meet cute. Sort of.
  • “Vartari”, a.k.a. the aftermath of the lip-stitching incident.
  • “Vow”, a.k.a. Sigyn/Loki is My 5eva OTP and I’m Not Sorry.
  • “Mothers”, or the One Where Sigyn and Angrboða Visit Loki’s Children and Also Conspire Against Odin.
  • “Blue Sky Mine”, in which Travis visits the Pilbara and Lain gets named.
  • “Focus Group”, where Sigmund learns the secret of LB’s success…

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