Hey, you. Yes, you.

Are you an artist? Do you like drawing:

  • Things with science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror elements?

  • How about fluffy dragons, magic-wielding aliens, or surly snake monsters?

  • Or character art of individuals with diverse personalities, ethnicities, body types, gender expressions, and/or fashion senses?

  • Or concept art featuring strange and magical landscapes?

  • Or, yanno. My OCs.

Most importantly, are you looking for work? Because, if so, I’m looking to hire. Yes, that’s right: in this economy,Β I want to giveΒ you money! Why? Because I want to spend more of my hard-earned cashdollars on purchasing original art based on the Things in My Head. And because I’m kinda bad at approaching artists directly, so I’m going to be trying this, instead! Schwoit. It’s like… a reverse commission? A commission commission?

Whatever. Either way, if this is something you feel would interest you, please fill in this short form, and I will get back to you ASAP.

This can be a link to an existing pricing sheet for commissions, or text information, or whatever!

Tell me about yourself, your work, what kind of commissions you're interested in, and any other information you think might be relevant.