Projects here are generally presented free or, for books, can be purchased when completed. If for some reason you feel compelled to throw some additional money my way, I have a Patreon.


  • JournalPress

    A plugins that allows crossposting from WordPress to multiple LJ-server journals and communities (nowadays mostly used for Dreamwidth). Grab it from the official plugins page and/or its GitHub repo. Updates here.

  • TumblPress

    WordPress to Tumblr crossposter and importer. Not quite plug-and-play (it requires PHP to be configured with the OAuth extension, plus some manual editing of API key values), so for the moment only lives on GitHub. Updates here.

  • Avalicious!

    Integrates LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, and Tumblr icons into WordPress comments (replacing Gravatar based on the commenter’s URL). Found in the official WordPress plugin repo and GitHub.

  • Askbox

    Really super simple Tumblr-style askbox for WordPress. Found in the official WordPress plugin repo and GitHub. Demo here, updates here.


    A fandom-focused Mastodon instance, at which I am the admin. Awesome people. You should join (if that your sort of thing)! Updates here, and also has its own Patreon if you’d like to help with the server costs.

Up next


    Adult science-fantasy heist novel. Sort of Shadowrun meets the Ars Goetia but, like. In space. And with more bitcoin. Completed, updates here.
    Music to Sell Souls To: Basement Jaxx featuring Dizzee Rascal, “Lucky Star”.


    The third Book of the Wyrd. Written. Formerly on hiatus because of reasons described here. An (unedited) excerpt is available to read online.
    Hiatus Hold Music: “Holy Moses” by Washington.


    The fourth Book of the Wyrd. Sigmund, Em, and Wayne take their videogame concept, The Game Formerly Known as Saga, to demo at a convention in Sydney. Lain, meanwhile, gets embroiled in a plot from one of his old frenemies, media magnate Louis Starr . . .

  • Futurewyrd

    Alt-universe cyberpunk (vikingpunk?) Wyrdverse book started after listening to too much Gary Numan. Updates here.


    Adult steampunk-esque fantasy. A government tax auditor gets turned into a tentacle monster. Currently a concept looking for a plot.

  • Myriad

    You know what the world needs more of? Webrings! Started writing a script for it. Kinda forgot about it. Will probably pick it back up again one day, hopefully . . .