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Continuum is Melbourne’s annual fan run speculative fiction and pop culture convention. Continuum celebrates creativity across genres and media.  Our aim each year is to provide a regional convention where writers, artists, readers and film/TV buffs of all kinds can get together for a weekend of panel discussions, entertainment, and social fun.

This is Alis’s third Continuum, which she’ll be attending as a panelist for the following panels:

  • Out in the Open. Fan fiction used to be hidden away, subject to takedown notices, and sometimes kept secret from friends and family. Now there are successful mainstream novels about fic writers and readers, and some creators allow writers to earn money from their work. Is this legitimisation or exploitation? What has been gained and what’s been lost in the process? (4pm Sunday)

Current plans also include barcon, running a Changeling: the Dreaming DnD 5e game, spending way too much money at Minotaur, and attending the launch party for Mother of Invention.