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Royal Road

Four months ago, the death of his parents sent Elias Drake from New York City to the small town of Rosemont. Living with his workaholic aunt and trying to fit into a new school is no small task, especially not when a string of murders turns out to have potentially supernatural origins.

With the help of his best friend, Zoe Chung, a wannabe witch, it’s up to Eli to unravel and mystery and stop the killer… as well as deal with some serious, monstrous changes of his own.

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I have... so many Thoughts™ about this post from Foz Meadows. Not directly related to her experiences but by golly if general shape isn't familiar, and... well. I never really [...]

Guess who finally got around to formatting the physical copies for The Dragon of Rosemont High? Woot. Currently live at Amazon, with direct channels coming soon.

The Lyddans do show up, Zoe tells him later. With the cops and even an ambulance. The last Zoe saw, they’d been taking Jake away on a stretcher.


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