Infinite hate.

A profile on Fredrick Brennan, the founder of 8chan. This was written in the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings, and the article itself does highlight the whole “do we really need another puff piece on angry white boys?” angle. The thing about Brennan, though—for the, like, one of you who managed to miss his other media appearances recently—is that he both has a serious disability and a childhood in and out of foster care. Creating 8chan—as well as endorsing various far-right pro-eugenics views—was his way of dealing with the rage, frustration, and loneliness engendered by both his condition and his circumstances, and I think it is worth understanding both why he held those views and why he no longer does…

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It’s not “humane” resources…

If employers judged HR departments by their ability to prevent sexual harassment, most would have gotten a failing grade long ago. What HR is actually responsible for—one of the central ways the department “adds value” to a company—is serving as the first line of defense against a sexual-harassment lawsuit. These two goals are clearly aligned, but if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that you can achieve the latter without doing much of anything at all about the former.

Caitlin Flanagan on HR.

My main dealing with HR were in a previous job where I was bullied, in an organization with a known and endemic sexist bullying problem.1 It became pretty clear pretty quickly that the company was more interested in protecting itself than doing anything about my abusers—one of which had been with the company for decades—which is why I left the organization after a mere eight months…

  1. And from which, honestly, I got off lightly; some years later I spoke to another woman who’d left the same company after her bullying got some bad coworkers were showing up to her house at night to harass her. []
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A little old now, but still of interest: results from a survey on shipping in fandom.

One of my main take-homes from this is that the Fansplaining people have… some very different ideas about some aspects of fandom (in this case, shipping), than I do. Which I’d kind of intuited from some of the other things they’ve said in the past, but… here it is. With graphs.

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Random things that bug me in fic.

Greatest Hits from Random Things That Bug Me In Fic:

  • Fics set in New York where people constantly brush up against each other.
  • Pinching. Of any kind.
  • That’s not how encryption works!
  • That’s not how RFID works!
  • That’s not how the government works!
  • That’s not how the military works!
  • That’s not how computers work!
  • That’s not how the Vikings worked!
  • That’s not how skyscrapers work!
  • That’s not how the publishing industry works!
  • That’s not how Michelin-star restaurants work!
  • That’s not how Australia works!
  • That’s not even Russian, bro.

And how could I forget my All-Time Ultimate Nitpick OTP:

  • That’s not how pronoun-antecedent agreement works!


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More random character WiPs.

This guy doesn’t have a name yet, though he’s kind of the male version of the Drard I drew a few weeks back.

The idea is that he’s some kind of travelling… plant whisperer guy? His other mom is the forest itself (hence the goat legs, not entirely pictured), and his staff magically produces one single apple a day so long as it’s in his possession.

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It’s a Druid! It’s a Bard! It’s… Rosalee!

Okay but… hear me out for a second: the Drard.

The most ultimate min-maxy utility character ever? She’s stacked all her points in WIS/INT/CHAR and just Wildshapes if she ever needs physical traits. Buff the party! Heal the party! Feed the party! Entertain the party! Turn into innocuous animals and perform reconnaissance for the party! Turn into terrifying animals and attack enemies for the party! A+ party mom, would party again!

Also: she makes booze.


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[T]he sad fact is that much of the world has been destroyed institutionally by what America [has done] over the last fifty years or so. Think of Latin America — savaged by CIA plots and American-backed militias. Think of parts of Asia like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos — they paid the price for not choosing capitalism with millions of lives. Think of Africa, which was taken advantage of for decades, its resources greedily gulped down.

These regions of the world were left largely trapped by the American Century. They weren’t able to progress much, because they didn’t want to be capitalist — mostly, they wanted to be social democracies, but America wouldn’t let them be anything else, either. So there they were, shoved down again and again by the bully on the block, unable to develop the way they wanted to. The simplest example is Chile, where when a social democratic government was elected, America literally overthrew it, installed Pinochet as dictator, and looked away whistling while the death squads went to work.

umair haque on who shaped the century.

Remember that Tumblr post that was going around a while ago where it turned out that, like, a startling number of Americans don’t know just how aggressively their country overthrows foreign governments and assassinates foreign leaders? Yeah. About that…

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