Sunday @ 2:37 pm

So all those people who tell you to use apple cider vinegar to trap and kill those little fly things are incorrect. What they should actually be telling you to use is diluted Coole Swan Irish cream liqueur, which I accidentally found out thanks to leaving out some dirty dishes.

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Friday @ 7:59 am

So at our friend's building, someone has graffitied "white onion is for poor people" inside the elevator and never have I felt more like I'm missing out on some important cultural reference than when I see it.

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Thursday @ 9:58 am

In other news I did squats yesterday and a run this morning and now my legs are like, “ . . . why?”

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The New Carthage.

Literary sources confirm the Carthaginian belief in child sacrifice. The Roman historian Diodorus wrote, “There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus, extending its hands, palms up and sloping towards the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.” Diodorus also alleged that some elite members of society actually purchased children from poor people and then reared them specifically for sacrifice. The burned remains of the children, often intermingled with those of animals who were also sacrificed with them, were then buried beneath tombstones expressing gratitude and thanks to the gods whose favor was now assured.

Americans have this in common with the Carthaginians. Year after year, the United States sacrifices children at the altar of gun rights. Since the Columbine shootings in 1999, at least 185 people have been killed in school violence, according to the Washington Post—the great majority of them children and teenagers. The Post’s database shows that more than three hundred eleven thousand children have now witnessed gun violence in schools. And school shootings are just a fraction of the death toll: already this year, 142 children (eleven and younger) and 515 teens have been killed by gunshots, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Tallying GVA reports from these last four years, more than four thousand children and teens have been shot and killed.

The Carthaginians believed that the good fortunes of their society or of wealthy individuals could only be maintained if these babies were sacrificed, pure and whole to their exacting gods. The good of many was thus assured by the annihilation of the weakest, the most vulnerable, the most worthy of protection. The same calculation is at play in post-millennial America. The unfettered freedom to carry assault weapons, American society has deemed, is so necessary and so important that sacrificing ten, twenty, or thirty children a year is a good bargain. The Carthaginian children that were rolled into a burning pit of fire were chosen and marked for sacrifice. In the United States, the killings are random—no one knows which children in which unassuming school will confront a killer. No one knows how many children exactly will die. The only certainty is that they will die and that no one will do anything about it.

On American blood sacrifice.

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Crypto (fascists).

So if you’ve ever looked at those ugly ape NFTs and thought, “ . . . man. These seem kinda . . . racist?” Then, lo! You’re not nearly the only one.

This, incidentally, also sent me down a rabbit hole of reading about the links between neo-Nazis (and also regular old fashioned Nazis) and fringe Hindu nationalism.1 I used to work with an Indian Brahmin guy — whose family had supported the Raj and thus exiled themselves to Australia after independence — who was a self-described libertarian involved with things like CPAC. He was very well aware of the Nazi fascination with Hinduism2 and used to “jokingly” buddy up to actual avowed neo-Nazis because of it. In retrospect, I bet he owns BAYC NFTs. He seems the type.

  1. Short version: Hinduism believes we’re in the “Kali Yuga“, which is basically the “bad age” in the cycle of ages. There are aspects of this belief that fit very nicely in far-right eschatology Christian views so it’s a nice way for white nationalists to try and dress up said beliefs without seeming overtly Christian. For the record, mainstream Hinduism believes we still have about 426 thousand years of Kali Yuga to go, so don’t expect Kalki riding in to smite the evildoers any time soon.
  2. Short version: the “Aryan” “race” supposed originally came from India according to dubious 18th century Western race “science”.
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