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Being able to cook food with ingredients grown in my own garden is just so ridiculously satisfying?

Like I’m fulfilling that primal childhood urge of making “potions” out of gum leaves except this is, like, soup and all the herbs I grew in pots on my balcony.

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Maybe we just… shouldn’t?

We don’t know when or where humans started building fires; as with all things primordial there are disputes. But there is no question of the moment’s significance. Fire let us cook food, and cooked food delivers far more energy than raw; our brains grew even as our guts, with less processing work to do, shrank. Fire kept us warm, and human enterprise expanded to regions that were otherwise too cold. And, as we gathered around fires, we bonded in ways that set us on the path to forming societies. No wonder Darwin wrote that fire was “the greatest discovery ever made by man, excepting language.”

Darwin was writing in the years following the Industrial Revolution, as we learned how to turn coal into steam power, gas into light, and oil into locomotion, all by way of combustion. Our species depends on combustion; it made us human, and then it made us modern. But, having spent millennia learning to harness fire, and three centuries using it to fashion the world we know, we must spend the next years systematically eradicating it. Because, taken together, those blazes—the fires beneath the hoods of 1.4 billion vehicles and in the homes of billions more people, in giant power plants, and in the boilers of factories and the engines of airplanes ships—are more destructive than the most powerful volcanoes, dwarfing Krakatoa and Tambora. The smoke and smog from those engines and appliances directly kill nine million people a year, more deaths than those caused by war and terrorism, not to mention malaria and tuberculosis, together. (In 2020, fossil-fuel pollution killed three times as many people as COVID-19 did.) Those flames, of course, also spew invisible and odorless carbon dioxide at an unprecedented rate; that CO2 is already rearranging the planet’s climate, threatening not only those of us who live on it now but all those who will come after us.

We didn’t start the fire, but we should stop it.

Step one being getting rid of my awful fucking gas stove . . .

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The revolution will be boring.

So today in “Ethical Issues Around Self-Driving Cars Are Incredibly Boring And Already Solved, Actually (The American Tech Industry Are Just Manbabies Who Won’t Admit It)”, an actual grown-up car company takes the obvious step of admitting that, yeah. It would be liable for accidents caused by its self-driving cars.

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Pull the string.

Often when you’re stuck on how to get better at something the answer really is to treat it as a skill that you can get better at through careful work and practice, but you may also just be missing an insight, because skills are build around thousands upon thousands of small insights. [. . .]

So I think my revised belief is that if you are stuck at how to get better at something, spend a little while assuming there’s just some trick to it you’ve missed. You can try to generate the trick yourself, but it’s probably easier to learn it by observing someone else being good at the thing, asking them some questions, and seeing if you have any lightbulb moment.

David R. MacIver on insights.

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Monday @ 6:43 pm

Seaweed bath bomb is like . . . people don’t even like seaweed touching them when it’s in the ocean where it belongs. Why would anyone think soaking in a bathtub with it would be fun?

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Monday @ 8:08 am

Spending the first fifteen minutes of DnD blowing the DM's mind by mentioning that wood-for-sheep-style barter never actually existed in pre-monetary societies, and even money itself was not used in the way we currently concieve it until relatively recently.

DM is very into reenactment stuff, so apologies to the local community if suddenly medieval-era monetary theory becomes the Hot Topic du jour . . .

This topic, incidentally, came up because DM was wearing his reenactment shirt and a medieval European style hat that's basically like a big long beanie. Or, alternately, a bag you can wear on your head . . . which is apparently exactly what it was used for.

This lead to a discussion about how pockets didn't really yet exist in clothes, in part because people just didn't have a lot of things to carry around *in* pockets. Like money, for example.

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Monday @ 7:17 am

1. Get really sick from stupid post-covid flu.

2. Take a lot of cold and flu tablets to try and not feel like garbage.

3. Lips dry out so bad they crack and bleed all night.

4. Use lip balm.

5. Realise the lip balm fixes the dryness but trades it for chapping around the lip line instead.

6. Can't go to the store to buy new lip balm because plague.


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