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I had to do, like, three dungeons to get this guy. Three! One was even heroic! That’s three more dungeons than I ever, ever want to do in modern!WoW and now they’re over I can go back to ignoring Blizzard’s garbage-tier content as per usual.


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I really like this area just in front of the PvP vendors in Stormshield. All the hustle and bustle of war is going on behind me, but here I’m just chillin’, waiting for my next BG to pop.

I haven’t played Resto Shaman for aa-aa-aa-ages. It was my main in Vanilla1 but it now plays ve-ee-ee-ee-ery differently. I think I quite like it.

My current mission is to test all the healing classes and see which ones I like the most for random BGs. Thus far, Priest (Discipline) is winning, followed by Shaman. Druid I love for levelling–my current main is a Druid–and they have strong healing AoE, but I still don’t like the way they work in BGs. I’m not sure whether this is just me being a bad, but I seemed to get rolled more and do less helpful things that even my boost-geared Shaman. so… yeah.

Next up is Paladin, then Monk. And yeah, mostly I’m farming gear skins for the new transmog system. What can I say; I like pretty clothes. So sue me.

  1. Yes, I levelled Resto. There were no dual specs back in those days, and the respeccing had scaling costs I couldn’t afford. []
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