Mt. TBR… the plugin!

Currently working on a WordPress plugin that replaces the book tracking functionality I use GoodReads for.

It currently records books, can query basic publication details, and saves status updates. At some point it will also probably have some kind of archive page, book details page, and GoodReads importer maybe.

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Automattic giving Tumblr the worst features of WordPress (read: Guttenberg) rather than giving WordPress the best features of Tumblr (read: the queue, proper post format support) is both disappointing and entirely on-brand for Tumblr, honestly.

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So this looks pretty interesting. I currently do something similar with a self-hosted RSS reader, Instapaper, and a bunch of custom scripts, but it’d be nice to get it all centralized.1

I would say after brief testing, PressForward isn’t quite at a stage where it’d be a preference for me,2 but… hm.

  1. Plus, my reader is no longer being actively developed so is definitely on its way out…
  2. It has one of those ALL JS ALL THE TIME!!!! UIs that messes up my WP dash.
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1. It’s only taken, like, over ten years but v1.0 of JournalPress is here! I think it… should be mostly fine? If not, report any issues at GitHub (because I hate life, apparently).

2. Speaking of GitHub (and hating life), I have posted up my Tumblr/WordPress crossposter, creatively called TumblPress. I never actually added this to the WordPress plugins repo because it requires a bit of manual fiddling and so isn’t exactly plug-n-play. But if you don’t mind doing that, it… should probably work. Ish.

Either way… enjoy!

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On the future of WordPress.

I’ve used WordPress technically since before it was WordPress, and I’ve used it as my main blogging system since about 2006.1 I like WordPress, and I still think it’s a better blogging solution than like 99% of its alternatives.2 That being said, I feel it is noticeably…. lagging, in recent years. I suppose radical change is difficult when you power like thirty percent of the internet, but WordPress’s lack of adoption of more recent blog technologies—anything and everything from inline comments to ActivityStream—make it feel kinda… old. And Gutenberg…


Maybe it’s just that I’m starting to want something different than what WordPress fundamentally is. The platform is still great for, say, powering my job’s largely-static corporate website, whose primary purpose is to be basically a glossy web brochure that can be readily updated by people with no webdev skill. And WordPress is still great for, say, the CSFG, which runs a combination ecommerce/forum website. But for my own website, i.e. this one, right here, that I basically use as a hub to all my other online presences, crossposting and interfacing as appropriate…?

I won’t lie: I’ve thought, more than once, about going back to something self-created.

Maybe. If there’s time…

  1. Before that, I used a spaghetti-coded homebrew abortion I’d taught myself to program on in circa 2001.
  2. Don’t even get me started on Medium…
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WordPress’s live-editing plugin sandboxing thing is great until you realise, always too late, it nulls the contents of the current file if it detects and error…

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OG cards for WordPress link posts.

Some of you may have noticed recently that alis.me has started displaying OpenGraph meta information at the head of link-type posts (e.g. this post).

I admit I stole this idea from Tumblr, or rather I stole it from updating my (unreleased) WordPress-to-Tumblr crossposter plugin to support Tumblr’s support (“support”) of OG cards.1 I figured the idea would be cool to implement locally as well, and when I couldn’t find an existing plugin that did exactly what I wanted, I decided to write my own.


  1. I say “support” because Tumblr doesn’t auto-populate OG cards for link posts created by the API because… reasons, I guess. Also, I still can’t get it to accept the photos property, because… fuck you Tumblr, I guess.
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.org to .com growing pains, I guess.

Dear WordPress,

I love you, but if you want to compete with Tumblr, your “reblog post” interface needs some serious work. Like, yanno. Being able to add formatting, tags, categories, post times, save-as-draft. The little stuff.

Also, do we really need Publicize to be always on by default? I only want some of my posts to go to Twitter. Not every single one.

Love anyway,


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