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So apparently, of all companies, Automattic are the ones who’ve bought Tumblr. Huh.

Automattic are, of course, the parent company of WordPress.com and the company that pretends it doesn’t own the WordPress.org version of WordPress so that it can continue to benefit from the free labor of open source contributors, a la the Standard FOSS Company Business Model. They are… probably not the worst people who could’ve bought Tumblr? They certainly don’t (or at least, historically haven’t) have quite the hardcore exploit-the-users-with-advertising revenue model of most other social media companies, so… eeeh?

Also, if it means some of the Tumblr-standard features (post queues!) get worked into the WordPress codebase… hey. I would not be complaining.

EtA: Also, re. the purchase price:

Tumblr’s original sale to Yahoo! was for $1.1 billion.


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WordPress versus the DMCA.

As both a user of WordPress and a past recipient of a spurious DMCA filing that almost got me thrown off a past webhost (it was over a single screenshot from a video game, yes really), all I can say is: you go guys.

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