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The iPad-as-computer.

Interesting look at the tablet versus the desktop market, particularly as it relates to the decline of Microsoft.

I bought a keyboard for my iPad about two years ago. I felt like burning money at the time and I didn’t really expect to use it much and holy shit was I wrong on that one. I use my keyboardPad pretty much constantly, now, for everything from writing to social media interactions to website coding. There are only a few things the interface isn’t great for, and those mostly involve tabbing between multiple windows, particularly browser windows. So I don’t go through my blog post queue on it, for example.

I’ve mentioned before that I actively resent having to use Windows at my day job, and I only use it at home for PC gaming (and, very occasionally, PhotoShop). The day when I get to use a Mac at work is the day I cry in joyful relief…

… though I admit I’m not holding my breath.

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Nostalgia central!

Ever wanted to know what Windows looked like back in 1985 (or just wanted to refresh your memory)? Well, now you can run it in a browser. Other browser-based OS emulators include Mac OS System 7 (1991), Windows 3.1 (1992), Mac OS 8.6 (1999), and even Windows 95.

It’s interesting to see how things have changed over the years, particularly with the difference between 95 and Windows 7 (the last Windows that kept the same basic appearance), or between OS X 10.2 and the current 10.9. No huge jumps, just little steps, taking and removing things until we’ve got the OSes we’re used to seeing today.

Also: if you’re reading this and still running Windows XP? Please don’t. Get something else, anything else, right now. (Ubuntu‘s quite nice, for example. And free!)

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Moving beyond Windows.

From the article “Why I’ve all but given up on Windows“:

But now, other than for test systems and virtual machines, I carry out my day-to-day work on a variety of OS X, iOS and Android systems. I barely giving my Windows PC systems a second glance. My primary work system is a MacBook Pro, and in the ten months I’ve had it it’s flawlessly done everything I’ve asked of it, from run Microsoft Word to render 4K video. I’ve lost count of the number of notebooks I’ve owned over the years, but this MacBook Pro is, by far, the most reliable system I’ve owned, and I put part of that down to the fact that it doesn’t run Windows.

Sure, I’ve downloaded and installed Windows 8.1 onto a number of systems for testing, and I’ve put an awful lot of hours into getting to know this latest release of Windows, but I see nothing in this new version that excites me sufficiently to tempt me back into the Microsoft ecosystem. If anything, the effect has been the exact opposite, confirming my belief that parting ways with Windows was the right thing to do.

I use Windows for exactly two things: my office job, and gaming (given I’m not a console girl). Oh, and also on those very rare occasions when I pick up PhotoShop and do some art. For art and gaming, Windows is fine, largely because the OS is mostly “invisible” to the task. I have two monitors attached to my home PC, and the second one is mostly used to run a VM session of Ubuntu for browsing the internet and watching YouTube whilst gaming/arting in my main monitor. About the only other application I run with any other frequency is iTunes.

For everything else–email, writing, project management-y stuff, programming/coding, et ceteraet cetera–I have a combination of my laptop, phone, and tablet, all of which are Apple products heavily leveraging various (and mostly Google-run) SaaS/”Cloud” offerings. (more…)

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