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Ugly Chartreuse Sweater.

So there are 16,777,216 colors that can be represented via hex triplet. Way too many to manually name… right? Wrong, fool! colornames.org is here to name all the colors, and they need your help! That’s right; you too can adopt and name a color right now! There were only 15,020,224 unnamed colors at the time of posting so you definitely want to get in and name your favorite color today!

(Here’s mine, incidentally.)

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So this article is specifically about the increasing standardization of UX design jobs, though it’s by no means limited to that particularly sector.

Incidentally, while the term “McDonaldization” was coined in the 90s, the concept is much older; Marx, for example, talks extensively about it in Capital while describing the ways previously artisanal traditional crafts—everything from making furniture to bread to lace—were changed to accommodate factory production. What we’re seeing now, and what the linked article is a symptom of, is that those same processes are now starting to creep into the formerly white collar professions, particularly in IT.

IT has historically been a bit insulated from McDonaldization because it’s a young industry, meaning a lot of its forms and processes and, importantly, integrations with existing capitalist structures (i.e. businesses) so on weren’t standardized. Inventing the hamburger menu in 1982 made you a world leader in UX. Implementing one today means mindlessly copying forty years of prior art…

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Tl;dr banner ads still suck.

A dude did A/B testing of banner ads on his website, empirically proving they reduced overall engagement. Also with the follow-up of, “If People Hate Ads So Much Why Don’t They Just Install an Adblocker?”

Long and somewhat dense, but interesting nonetheless.

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