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NVIDIA always gives these videos the most boringly academic titles imaginable… which still in no way manages to hide the terrifying reality that they’re about teaching computers to automatically alter photos in ways that are getting increasingly undetectable.

2019-04-29T12:03:06+10:002nd May, 2018|Tags: tech, video|


How to make a knife out of a roll of aluminium foil.

It seems like this entire channel’s Thing is making kitchen knives out of improbable substances. See also the clingfilm knifechocolate candy knife, and pasta knife (which is then cooked and eaten… and then the plate turned into another knife) for example. The fact that most of these knives end up being better than my actual kitchen knives is… probably a hint I should get my knives professionally sharpened.

2018-04-16T14:54:33+10:0016th April, 2018|Tags: video|