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Cthulhu, 2007. [Content warning for one female-on-male rape scene.]

Hey you. Yes, you. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Man. I really need more modern queer adaptations of H. P. Lovecraft’s seminal work The Shadow Over Innsmouth in my life!”

Well, my friend! Do I have a film for you! All of it, in fact, uploaded by the director to YouTube so you can watch the whole thing for free!

I found out about this film care of hbomberguy’s (you know, he’s the “Sherlock Sucks and Here’s Why” dude) video essay on how to adapt H.P. Lovecraft for modern audiences. That essay is also 100% worth watching, possibly before seeing Cthulhu itself, because it sets up expectations for the film (short version: it’s not a big loud gory horror, or a perfect film, and if you go in expecting either you’ll hate it).

hbomberguy’s essay tries to explore the question of just why so many people from marginalized identities seem to be fans of Lovecraft’s work, particularly when the man himself was such a viciously bigoted dipshit. As both a) a huge Lovecraft/mythos fan, and b) a queer woman and a member of an ethnic group Lovecraft… wasn’t particularly into (i.e. the slavs), the essay really resonated with me. Hence wanting to check out the film that inspired it. As it turned out, I… ended up really enjoying Cthulhu. It’s by no means a perfect film, but it’s a queer Lovecraftian psychological horror/mystery which is, like, 100% My Bag Baby. I know that it’s also 100% the bags of a bunch of you people (I see you, friends), hence… if you haven’t seen this film, definitely put aside two and a half hours (for the film and the essay) to check it out.

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Jan Strømnes, warden of the Norwegian maximum security Halden Prison, tours Attica.

This is a heartbreaking documentary in a lot of ways, but I think the real gut-punch comes at around the 35-minute mark, where Strømnes asks a group of Attica inmates to design an “ideal prison”, then present their ideas to both himself and their own wardens. The prison that the inmates describe seems not that dissimilar to Halden—it has the physical structure of a campus, it has trees and couches and doors, it has a focus on modern vocational and tertiary training—but the most soul-crushing shots are those showing the wardens’ responses to the inmates’ earnest and carefully constructed presentation. The American wardens sit back in their chairs, arms crossed and tight-lipped, while Strømnes leans forward, attentive, and takes notes. You get the impression he earnestly wants to learn from these men, incarcerated half a world away.

This is an entirely different attitude towards incarceration. It’s one that doesn’t focus on profit, or cost-benefit, or punishment, but on humanity, and the reaffirmation of that. It’s one that seems to recognize that the measure of civilization in a society is not how it treats those dearest to it, but those most reviled. And it’s one that holds onto hope; for redemption, or even just making someone’s life a tiny bit better, for a tiny bit of time, without any complex apologetics as to whether they’ve “earned it”. Because everyone has “earned it”, by virtue of being human.

And that’s admirable, I think. That humanity. I don’t think it’s always easy, but I think it’s always something worth striving for.

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NVIDIA always gives these videos the most boringly academic titles imaginable… which still in no way manages to hide the terrifying reality that they’re about teaching computers to automatically alter photos in ways that are getting increasingly undetectable.

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How to make a knife out of a roll of aluminium foil.

It seems like this entire channel’s Thing is making kitchen knives out of improbable substances. See also the clingfilm knifechocolate candy knife, and pasta knife (which is then cooked and eaten… and then the plate turned into another knife) for example. The fact that most of these knives end up being better than my actual kitchen knives is… probably a hint I should get my knives professionally sharpened.

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