Elden Bling.

Fashion Souls gets a write-up in GQ because . . . why not, I guess?

For what it’s worth, I spent most of my ER playthrough wearing the same default starting Warrior chestpiece because everything else looked like junk. I eventually switched it to the Fell Omen Cloak and the Shining Horned Headband and spent the rest of the game running around looking like a feral deer man before yeeting off to the stars with the hat witch. Gods, that game sucked. What a waste of seventy hours of my life . . .

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Currently playing: Elden Ring.

So I’ve hit the “mushy middle” of Elden Ring, basically cruising around the Altus Plateau, unlocking locations, though thanks to some teleporting chests I’ve already gone through and done most of Leyndell, up to and including reaching the “early endgame” zones. The game is definitely wearing out its welcome.


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