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So when I was a kid, I remember really, really wanting a particular videogame, solely based on the box art. Dad, the big meanie,1 would not buy it for me.

Fast forward twenty-something years. For whatever reason, I was suddenly reminded once again of this forgotten game, and swore to track it down. Only problem? I barely remembered anything about it. I remembered I thought the art was cool, and that it was kind of that Beetlejuice-cartoonish horror-but-comedy sort of style. I remembered the title maybe had a number in it. I went scouring places like GOG looking for my Lost Game, but to no avail. People on Twitter try and help, to no avail. Eventually, I give up.

Fast forward twelve days (according to the Mastodon timestamps), where I’m watching old hbomberguy vids to procrastinate writing the final scene of the dragon book. I come across this video, talking about Dragon’s Lair—a game many people had tried to helpfully suggest as being my Forgotten Game—when…

… when…

… when he just…

… he just. Says the name. Of the game I’ve been looking for. For twenty years. And I know, just from the name, Brain Dead 13, that it’s The Game. The Forgotten Game. And so I eugooglize it, and there’s a pic of the goddamn box and… and I remember it. It’s The Forgotten Game! It’s here! It’s real! It even has a freakin’ iOS port that I can’t even freakin’ buy because it’s not available in the Australian iOS store because auuurrrghhh!

But you know what I can do? Oh, I can find a Let’s Play of this terrible, forgotten old game on YouTube. Because the internet never forgets, no matter how obscure the thing.

So here it is. The game my teenage self obsessed over. Hell, I even remember now I had a character at the time called Fritz, because I thought it was a cool name, although if I recall correctly he was more a The Maxx rip-off than related to his namesake in Brain Dead 13. But… whatever. I found it! I found the game!

Also, unnerving in retrospect: how similar the protagonist of this game is to what my husband looked like when I first met him (long red hair, worked with computers) which… is probably something best not thought about too much, y’know?

  1. This is a lie. My Dad’s great. Hi Dad, if you’re reading. ^
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So I’ve been trying to find this old videogame from the 90s and I can’t and it’s driving me nuts.

I think it’s a point-and-click adventure, and all I remember about it is it’s 2D animated, and is a horror-comedy set in some kind of castle filled with ~zany monstrous types. I think the box art featured a vampire-ish dude in said castle? And maybe there was a number in the title?

Internet, am I making this game up? It did exist, right?

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The end of endless.

What it is about video games with “desert” in the title? First Desert Bus and now Desert Golf, the “endless” golfing simulator… now with an actual end.

Is “patience simulator” a legitimate video game genre?

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The forgotten future.

Whatever happened to Second Life?

A couple of years back, it occurred to me I was probably never going to be a regular SL user,1 and so sold off my accumulated Lindens for the princely sum of $83. If I recall correctly, I spent it on digos in Furcadia because I am now and will forever be a closet furry.

  1. I had a brief dalliance with it in the early ’00s, mostly in the trying-to-learn-to-model-and-texture way. As with many things, I never stuck with it enough to git gud. ^
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When it’s girls, it’s not hacking.

A look at the strange, lost community of Petz hackers.

For the record, cheating in The Sims was my introduction to hacking hex files. I couldn’t find a trainer or cheat that would alter social relationships,1 so I wrote down, in order, the values for the current like/love values of the sim I wanted to edit, converted those to hex, opened the save file in a text editor, and found where that sequence appeared. Then I edited it. I corrupted a few files, but mostly it worked like a charm.

  1. And oh the irony that tn The Sims, as in real life, I suck at social interactions. ^
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