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Scunthorpe Sans.

The auto-censoring font.

Relatedly: Back In Ye Day we had a minor rebellion at work because the content filter was very adamant that no one should be visiting the website Experts Exchange–basically the shitty paywalled precursor to Stack Overflow–and which, at the time, did not use hyphenation in its URL…

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Really interesting font made by studying the English lettering in 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.

Modern English letters are, of course, based on the forms Romans developed to carve into marble, with what we now call lowercase creeping in during the merging of that script with Old English’s former, brief use of Anglo-Saxon fuþorc (a.k.a. runes) during the period when Christian missionaries started handwriting a lot. And it’s always interesting to me how the use of physical tools and materials—stone carving, quills, brushes, woodblock carving, metal movable type, and now biros and digital type—influence the shape and aesthetics of written language over time…

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