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Classic rock alphabet.

It’s an alphabet poster made entirely of logos from classic rock (and metal) bands.

A classic-rock-loving coworker and I spent a “productive” Friday afternoon trying to work these out. We got most without resorting to overt Googling (I’m looking at you, letter U, because who even are you), but couldn’t for the life of us figure out E and X.

It was Random who came to the rescue with E: in retrospect, it’s obvious… assuming you’re looking at the correct album cover (see also: Y).

X kept niggling at me because it looked so familiar, but I couldn’t place it. Because what the hell band starts with the letter X? Ironically, it was my non-rock-listening co-worker who guessed this one, by virtue of it being one of the only bands in the relevant genre she knew.

Point being: we conquered the stupid posted. So, hah! Take that, poster!

Now, to move onto the alt-rock version

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The strange history of Blackletter.

You know? That font style everyone associates with Nazis, but was actually banned by the Nazi party in 1941 for being “too Jewish”.

Also included in the article: a discussion of how (the highly calligraphic) written Arabic was butchered to fit European-style typographic conventions, and how modern designers are trying to reclaim it.

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