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Go ask Alis.

Anonymous asked:

I’m curious, were you a fan fiction author before you published an original novel?

There’s no “before” about it: like a lot of (particularly female) authors nowadays I’ve always written both fan- and original fiction.

I don’t publicly link my fan author name with my pro author name, again for the same reason most pro authors don’t (i.e. some people in fandom can be really assholish about it). But, yeah. I write fic.

2017-06-14T11:35:55+10:0026th December, 2016|Tags: go ask alis, type: answer, writing|

sweetbeeeeee asked:

Hoo boy those cringey reblogs on your deadpool post read like they were made by a reddit comment generator. And I’m side-eyeing that anon about your husband REAL hard. Don’t let them get you down. <3

Heh, yeah. And thank you!

It’s kind of hard to take it too much to heart, though, when it’s basically… proving my point? It’s like. Yup. These are the sorts of arguments made by people defending the film. I am… totally okay with not liking a thing that people like that are slobbering all over. Seriously.

2017-08-31T18:03:02+10:0021st February, 2016|Tags: type: answer|

inkteller asked:

I’m sorry that a lot of people are being rude about your Deadpool post.

Aw, thank you! But, I’ve criticised pop culture in public before. I know how it goes.

The thing is, it wasn’t a bad film. I just really, really didn’t like it. I think it was… kind of a distillation of the heart of everything that make me uncomfortable about the superhero genre. The thing that kind of rubs me wrong way is that I’ve seen it touted too often as being some kind of edgy subversion when… it’s really not? It’s just literally exactly the same film as every other MCU film, except more people make no-homo jokes in it. Which, yanno. If that’s your bag baby, then that’s your bag. I guess.

2019-04-29T11:37:46+10:0020th February, 2016|Tags: type: answer|

yellingintothevoid asked:

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, Voldemort.

Ack! Apparently I missed this message, but thank you! ❤

2019-01-17T08:27:04+11:0028th November, 2015|Tags: type: answer|

littlelostsock asked:

Your blog did the “ask/fan mail” limbo to me too! After I scrolled past the Tom Baker post, the pop up from the bottom keeps popping up even when you cancel it. I’m on Tumblr mobile if that helps?

Yeah, I’ve seen people on my Dash complaining about it happening on other Tumblrs, too, so I think it’s maybe just the mobile app being buggy? 

2019-04-29T11:37:52+10:002nd November, 2015|Tags: go ask alis, littlelostsock, tumblr, type: answer|

Anonymous asked:

Something is wrong with your Tumblr. I was looking at it on my iPhone, and it insisted that I ask you something or send you a fan mail. It wouldn’t let me leave.

I’m not sure what you mean, anon. I check on my own phone and everything seems to be working fine?

2017-08-31T17:58:11+10:0031st October, 2015|Tags: type: answer|

littlelostsock asked:

Okay, I get that the Tumblr app sucks, but how much data overage does one have to accrue to get a SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR PHONE BILL holy HELL ALIS did you get a bill or a MEDAL

I got a bunch of really uncomfortable stares at family dinners from my in-laws is what I got, given the phone is paid from on their business plan…

2019-04-29T11:37:54+10:0031st August, 2015|Tags: go ask alis, littlelostsock, type: answer|

randomredux asked:

I love all the nods to Twin Peaks in Gravity Falls. :D That post going around that shows a bunch of the visual links is really cool.

Ooh! I have not seen that one. I’ll have to go looking for it!

2019-01-17T08:23:37+11:0021st August, 2015|Tags: go ask alis, type: answer|