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Todone: I fixed up my Dreamwidth importer so I’m now only keeping about a month’s backlog of posts there. After that, they get deleted from DW and any comments get imported back to the archive on my main blog (as currently happens with Tumblr).1

Also, in light of this discussion, I’ve added a page that describes more clearly how my blog’s Tumblr and Dreamwidth mirrors work.

Tl;dr, if you want to comment on a post, do it wherever is best for you. But alis.me is the “permanent”/long-term archive.2

  1. Still buggy: Import encoding is borked, but… I can’t be bothered trying to unravel it enough to fix it. Bleurgh.
  2. Because it’s the platform I control, basically. You know how I don’t flip out about third-party platforms selling out or folding and losing content because of it? This is why.
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Oh no not even Rothko is safe!

Relatedly: to this day, my mother has a framed Rothko exhibition poster she stole from a wall in a random room in the Venice Guggenheim museum when she was a teenager. So I guess I’ve always subconsciously associated Rothko paintings with crime? Which is… kind of inappropriate, I guess? But really, really specific and probably not what The Algorithm is flagging for…

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So to any fandom people looking for a new home in the post-Tumblr world, I’ve set up fandom.ink as a fandom-friendly and fan-run Mastodon instance.

I’m still setting up some things like the terms of service (and the all-important custom emoji), but general policies will include:

  • moderation for harassing or abusive content
  • allowed adult content (with content warnings in public timelines)
  • no ads, tracking, or user monetization.

For those unclear on Mastodon, it’s a Twitter-like social network, a primer on which may be found here. Any other questions, feel free to ping me. Otherwise, um… enjoy?

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What is up with all the AO3 concern trolling on Tumblr recently?

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So what do Russian spies reblog on Tumblr?

Like a lot of people, this morning I woke up to That Email from Tumblr:

As part of our commitment to transparency, we want you to know that we uncovered and terminated 84 accounts linked to Internet Research Agency or IRA (a group closely tied to the the Russian government) posing as members of the Tumblr community.

The IRA engages in electronic disinformation and propaganda campaigns around the world using phony social media accounts. When we uncovered these accounts, we notified law enforcement, terminated the accounts, and deleted their original posts.

The email goes on to list the names of the banned accounts, and some of them were… familiar.1 So, like a lot of people, I decided to go do some digging to see what, exactly, I may have liked/reblogged from a Russian propaganda house. The original accounts are gone, of course, but Tumblr helpfully “decided to leave up any reblog chains so that you can curate your own Tumblr to reflect your own personal views and perspectives.” Meaning recovering at least some of the more popular posts was a simple Google search away.2

Here, capped for posterity, is what I found. There are quite a lot of images here, so I’ve categorized them into their broad content areas. Note that in a handful of instances, I’ve also capped the Google result, when I felt the post text was interesting in itself and where I couldn’t easily find a reblog. In these instances, it’s the bolded Tumblr name that’s the bot, not necessarily the URL.


  1. feelmydragonballs. I remembered the account feelmydragonballs. Because lol. Balls.
  2. site:tumblr.com -"previously known as" "[blog name]", if you’re wondering. The minus sign there is to exclude posts about the email itself.
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The end of Yahooblr.

This article is basically everything that’s wrong with Yahooblr. Ref. image captions:

Tumblr hosts a variety of content

Big on Tumblr: Carly Rae Jepsen

Caption competition: Unusual photographs are widely shared on Tumblr

Many cosplay (costume play) bloggers have big followings on Tumblr

Cute cats are a Tumblr crowd-pleaser

Here’s Marissa Mayer, on why she thinks the Tumblr sale hasn’t worked out:

“[Advertising] supply, because it’s growing so quickly, is outpacing demand, and it’s causing this monetisation shortfall.”

… Yuh. Uh-huh. Tumblr’s problems are because you can’t cram enough ads onto the platform.

“Yahoo has been very slow at deploying ads on mobile,” said Ms Eleni. “Its mobile ad revenue is far below its peers in the industry.”

Double-whammy for mobile!

Yahoo paid $1.1bn (£830m) for the company back in 2013 – but it has since slashed $712m (£541m) off its valuation.


Sites such as Buzzfeed tackle the dislike of intrusive advertising with “sponsored posts” – editorial content such as photos or videos with an advertorial slant.

Ms Marouli thinks such a focus on “premium” content could help Tumblr in the future.

And back to ads again. So, like hey. Here’s a revolutionary idea. How about working out a business model that doesn’t revolve around selling advertising. Anyone? anyone? No? Okay.

The most terrifying part of the article:

Tumblr could soon find itself in new hands, because Yahoo is selling its core internet business.

US telecoms giant Verizon is said to be interested.

Oh dear gods no. Surely It can’t get any worse than…

Other rumoured buyers include […] the UK’s Daily Mail.


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I’m seeing that Elan Gale airplane fight Tweet stream going around on my dash again, so this is your periodic reminder that Gale is a TV producer and the “fight” was both a hoax, a marketing stunt, and grossly misogynist.

So… yeah. Let’s not, hey.

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