Finished reading: Masks of Nyarlathotep

I confess that, while I own a few sourcebooks, I’ve never actually played Call of Cthulhu, and read through Masks of Nyarlathotep mostly because I’d heard several places describe it as the “best tabletop RPG module ever.”

It was . . . fine, I guess? Some fun ideas but definitely dated in its horror, even in the ultra-updated, this-time-we-took-almost-all-the-racism-out-we-swear edition. It definitely is long, though, and requires a play-style I couldn’t imagine coaxing out of any of the TTRPG groups I commonly play with.

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Wednesday @ 7:20 am

Things that have happened to various bulettes in our current campaign:
– possessed by same hive mind as the party warlock, thus also becoming part of said warlock
– target of fly spell (skyshark)
– disclosed plot spoilers via mind reading
– addicted to fantasy cocaine
– accidentally tamed by party members (multiple)
– jailed for property crimes.

Anyway. After all of that, my friend 3D printed this golden bulette for our DM for his patience.

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Tl;dr in 1990 the Secret Service raided the home of a tabletop RPG creator because they were convinced GURPS Cyberpunk was, like. An actual hacking manual. Which on the face of it is very funny, but as Steve Jackson points out, the damage it did to the business forced me to lay off half my staff, which will never be funny.

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Last Night on D&D…

A shopping trip for spells and components cleans out most of the party’s money, so Hands (Monk), Bud (Ranger/Rogue), and Billie (Rogue) go looking for opportunities for crime and gambling. The stumble across an underground fighting ring, and while Bud picks pockets, Hands narrowly defeats an orc we’ll call Ulf. Bets were placed at 15:1, and somehow the party’s winnings amount to 45,000 gold, which Billie is instructed to pick up later from a totally-not-shady-at-all address.


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Laqis dress-ups.

Messing around with dress-ups for Laqis… also getting used to quick-and-dirty ways of painting/sketching in Clip Studio. Wings and tail not included for space/speed/laziness reasons.

The first is their “standard” outfit, the second for traipsing about the wilderness in the cold, then a ballgown, then a Fancyman Lord outfit, then SKYPIRATES!!!. Shiftweave, here we come!

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More quick D&D doodles. DnDoodles.

Ziggy is a gnome artificer and would-be revolutionary who wants to stick it to House Cannith. The party found him running a brainwashing cult on behalf of Law-aligned outsiders, smashed up the cult in the Goat Incident, and somewhat forcibly removed him on behalf of an airship captain who totally isn’t a House Cannith operative in disguise no siree. The tiefling girl, Dara, was a former cult acolyte who followed the party partly to escape her abusive father (who until that point had been being “kept in check” with cult brainwashing; basically a lingering version of the calm emotions spell) and party to help Ziggy take down House Cannith. Laqis—who approves of neither House Cannith, brainwashing, abusive parents, nor sending children to do one’s dirty work—is apparently now Team Dad to Dara and enemy-of-my-enemies with Ziggy. Also possibly the new captain of an airship?

… and the adventures continue!

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