Catfishing, Linkedin-style.

On the internet, nobody knows if you’re a dev . . .

Opting out.

The EU gets one step closer to formally recognising surveillance capitalism as illegal. This has been (slowly) coming for years, and was always the obvious intent of laws like the GDPR. Absolutely will not stop companies like Meta — who’ve put all their eggs in the spying-for-profit game — making shocked pikachu faces, though.1

  1. I mean, they paid so much to keep Irish regulators in their back pockets! Where’s that ROI when they need it?

Spiralling down.

Virality draws your attention to a fixed point. It does not promote true discourse, none of the deliberation of a democratic process that might give us a constructive way forward. The thing that gets called “The Discourse” on Twitter is really just a series of whirlpools spiraling down onto targets of ill repute; an exercise that is exhausting, tedious and, above all, eternal. After all, even those glorious networked academic discussions I mentioned earlier have turned septic because Twitter is as Twitter does. So much of the good work that gets done on Twitter is highly self-referential, often merely cleaning up the worst of Twitter itself; it’s work that wouldn’t need to be done if Twitter itself didn’t exist. Much of the rest only benefits individuals in an especially capricious lottery. One dissident is freed from jail, another shoots herself.

This happens because Twitter can only, in the end, dispense justice on an individual basis. [. . .] This is how virality demobilises movements, even as it appears to summon them up.

Katherine Cross on virality.

What if — and just hear me out for a second — but what if . . . Twitter was, like. Kinda bad. Actually?

(Something something “social media” versus “social networking” something . . . just go read Katherine’s whole article.)

A normal one.

So there is A Lot to process in this article about Twitter’s meltdown but, like, advertisers demanding, in writing, a “[r]eturn to baseline levels of [. . .] toxic conversation” before buying ads again is just, like . . . yeah. Okay.

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