Yo ho ho and an bottle of alternate digital revenue streams.

This originally started as a comment over on KJ Charles’ site, but it got a bit of a teal deer infestation. Hence sticking it here instead.

So, to recap.

A few days ago, KJ made an entry about dealing with the piracy of her new book, Think of England. The comments generated a fair bit of discussion, mostly of an anti-piracy bent, until a commenter calling themselves O. showed up to make a counterargument.

O., a self-confessed pirate, started talking about traditional pricing models, e.g. per-unit sales, not working in digital environments, and discussed and alternate methods for creators to monetise content online. Before we continue, y’all should go read the resulting thread, because without the context, the rest of this might not make much sense (ref. this post’s Original Life as a comment).

Done that? Okay. Cool. Moving on.