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Books read for August 2017.

So, hey. It’s that time of the month again. No, not that one. The one where I do a book recap of things I’ve read.

I confess this month has been a slow month, in part due to yours truly trying to plow through the last 30k of DEMONS… IN SPAAAAACE!, partly due to working on another Very Secret Project… but, let’s be honest, mostly because of getting distracted by Sexy Skyrim.

… ahem. (more…)

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Robots, space pirates, and AI (oh my).

Just a quick head’s up for those that may be interested, for two speculative fiction anthologies currently open to short story submissions.

The first, Mother of Invention, is Twelfth Planet Press‘s (KaleidoscopeDefying Doomsday) new anthology exploring diverse, challenging stories exploring robotics and AI outside of the usual “cis dude makes sexy robolady” construct. I backed Mother of Invention on Kickstarter, and if TPP’s past work is anything to go by, this is going to be a cracker of an anthology. So if you’ve got a story or a plotbunny you think fits, I’d highly encourage you to check out their submissions page. The anthology pays pro rates, and submissions are open until 31 August.

Secondly, and closer to home, the CSFG is also open to submissions for its annual anthology, A Hand of Knaves. As the title suggests, the theme for this one is “rogues, thieves, pirates and ne’er-do-wells”, and it’s totally something I would’ve submitted “Blue Sky Mine” to except for the fact that I’ve already published that online (natch). My loss is your gain, however, and submissions for A Hand of Knaves are open until 15 November. Pay rates for the anthology are currently being worked out, and the preference is to showcase works from Australian authors (and/or members of the CSFG).

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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You’re now entering… the Frie-ee-end Zo-oo-one!

A seasonally appropriate tale from the Friend Zone, Jenn Reese’s “Gather Your Bones”.

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