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More sneak peeks at Scrivener 3.

So as some of you may know, I do all my writing in Scrivener1 and have done for… yikes. Eight or nine years? It’s one of the major reasons I will never have anything other than a macOS-based work-laptop.2

Point being, I’m really, really liking the sneak peeks into features coming for Scrivener 3. Yum. Can’t wait.

  1. I got ninety-nine problems but a good app ain’t one. If you’re still using Word, I feel bad for you son. []
  2. The other reason? Windows kinda sucks. Yeah, I went there. []
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The single most useful setting in Scrivener.



Here it is. I’ve found it. The single most useful setting in Scrivener.

This is in the Compile window, and it allows you to globally find-and-replace things in the document prior to it being exported to whatever format you want to export it to.

The image above is what my settings for this window look like. It’s set to clean up all the bullshit little formatting errors (like quotes curling the wrong way after dashes) that drive the copyeditor crazy. Because I do a lot of writing in plaintext, it also catches the em-dashes and elipses I miss converting from their plaintext equivalents (I still have to convert smart quotes by hand, but that’s easy from the menu).

Hooray for automation!

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How to write 5k words a day without really trying.

“You must have a lot of free time on your hands.”

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday, and I’m at our local novel writing workshop. It’s my first time there. The workshop is on story structure and the practical applications thereof–something I, a recovering pantser, find endlessly useful–but we’ve been sidetracked into talking about how many words we tend to write per day.

“If I’ve got a project deadline,” I paraphrase later for context, “I’ll try and do at least five hundred. But on a good day I can easily do three to five thousand.”

The woman across the table from me looks me dead in the eye, and that’s when the line comes out: You must have a lot of free time on your hands.

Well… no. I don’t, really. Not much more than anyone else, anyway. I work a full time day job, like most writers nowadays, as well as have the standard second shift of household duties. I don’t have kids, true, so that helps, but I have a socially gregarious husband and friends who live across the road and like dropping around and the bottom line is I actually don’t spend all that much time sitting down in front of my laptop writing writing. At least, not five thousand words a day’s worth.

So. How do I do it?


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