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This is why we’re all going to die, by the way. Yes, the coming nuclear war with North Korea or whoever isn’t going to be pleasant, but some people will survive. No human will survive the coming temperature increase, and it’s going to happen because the science wing of the government of one of the biggest superpowers in the world today can’t talk about technological solutions to the problem because the people running that committee can’t even get past the fact that it’s really happening. It’s as if our house is on fire and when the firemen show up they say, “I’m sorry but we just don’t believe in fire.” And you’re like, “Wait, you what now?” And they say, “We don’t really have any evidence fire is real. What even is it? If it’s a solid then how does my hand pass through it? If it’s a gas why can I see it? How does it grow if it’s not alive? I read a scientific article on 4chan that says that fire is a Chinese conspiracy made up to frighten us into being chilly in the winter.”

When you’re dealing with someone that willfully stupid, your house is just going to burn down because by the time you answer all their stupid questions it will be too late.

Rebecca Watson throws rocks into the sea.

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Science fantasy.

You know, I believe that. I believe that the human race belongs in space. It might be silly, it might be naïve, but I know people who believe all sorts of ridiculous things that do a lot more damage. I don’t acknowledge any vengeful God the Father. I don’t believe in a great Rapture to come. I do believe that if we are spared, if we spare one another, we will make it to the stars.

Not you and me personally, of course. By the time the species sorts its shit out enough to think about sending starships full of adventurers to distant planets, we’ll be too old to get on them, but I’ve met some kids recently who might not be.

Laurie Penny on being lost on space.

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Game theory is still terrible, tho.

On why sociological/psychological/economic studies on white Westerners in general, and American white Westerners in particular, are ruining our understanding of human nature.

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So no matter how many times I listen to this, and on what device, all I can ever hear is “Yanny”. I even fiddled around with the equalizer; still only Yannies. It’s only on the “extreme” edits, i.e. when people delete the entire upper tone range, that the Laurel emerges.

Interestingly, I played this for my husband, who is deaf enough to wear hearing aids, and has particular difficulty with high tones, and he apparently hears… a weird combination of both words. So go figure, I guess.

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The Kilogram is getting lighter.

Not, like, “the kilogram” as in the unit of weight. But rather The Kilogram, i.e the physical object on which that unit is based.

Incidentally, Americans, the fact that metric units are based on internationally standardized and scientifically determined physical objects is the reason the rest of the world—and everyone in STEM fields—uses it instead of the Imperial system.1 Even Celsius falls under this, since a single “degree” in Celsius represents the same difference in temperature as a single degree in Kelvin—as opposed to a single degree in Fahrenheit, which is its own thing—just with the number labels jiggled around to make it more comprehensible to humans (an average “nice warm day” is approaching 300K).

The more you know, etc.

  1. It’s actually not even that: the US “Imperial” system is actually its own system that’s both, a) different to the original English Imperial system, and b) is used by literally no one else in the world. Oh, and it’s defined based on overly complex conversion formulae from SI units anyway. Go figure. ^
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