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Verse interlude.

My name is fen
and wen i win
an award at
a convenshin

i close my eyes
and count to three
and wait for men
to ’splain to me

how i haf sore
and haf won naught
and am not gude

at writing, nay
nor at case law
and shude sit doon
and shut my craw

RuinsPlume does it in verse.

(Psst there’s more; go read the whole thing.)

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Boron, nitrogen, boron.

Your single proton
fundamental, essential.
Water. Life. Star fuel.

The first of Mary Soon Lee’s elemental haiku.

All the elements of the periodic table, as haiku.

Also, this is a total nitpick but it irritates me every time I see non-Japanese “haiku”: the defining form a of haiku is not about the syllables. No, seriously. It’s not. There are some traditional constraints around the pattern of on–a concept which, incidentally, aren’t what we’d consider “syllables”–of which 5-7-5 is only one pattern, but the main defining feature of haiku is the presence of a kireji, a poetic construct that doesn’t really have an equivalent in English but is basically a way of joining two juxtaposed poetic images.

Or, to put it another way, if a haiku doesn’t contain two juxtaposing images, it’s not a haiku.

(That being said, and to be fair to Mary Soon Lee, her elemental mostly haiku do follow–or try to follow–this convention. I just… see a lot of English-language “haiku” that don’t.)

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