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One month update on the dry start.

Things have been slow, but successful. All plants are showing signs of new growth, and (most of) the moss is attaching well. I’ve had no problems like mould or algae.

I have noticed that the plants on the higher ground seem to be doing much better than those on the lower ground. Water from the mister tends to pool and submerge the lower-ground plants, hence the little hole dug at the front; every few days I suck water out of it with a syringe to keep things from getting flooded.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with things. I just wish they’d hurry up!

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Big Tank Diary: Power Sand.

Finally setting up the hardscape in the Big Tank (225L) after spending a fun weekend sawing driftwood and cutting egg crate.

It’s just Power Sand in the bottom at the moment. You know your dirt is fancy when it comes with its own instruction manual.

Next up is trying to find a decent source for some nice stones, then someone who’ll sell me some MC, DHG, and different varieties of mosses (thinking flame, Christmas, and weeping) for the dry start.

Overall, I’ll probably plant out the spur on the left with ferns, the open spaces at the right with the MC and DHG, and the back with maybe some swords. The left side of the tank is up against a bookcase, while the right is open to the kitchen, hence the left will be the “jungle” side while I’ll keep the right more open.

That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see how we go with it.

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