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The robes of my people.

Absolutely amazing hand-colored/-restored photographs from the 1903 Romanov Costume Ball.

All other considerations aside, 17th century Russian fashions were lit, man.

2019-09-16T11:56:27+10:0016th January, 2020|Tags: culture, history, photography|


When people are so used to ‘shopped photos, they can’t tell when they’re seeing the real thing.

(I mean, as the photographer admits, the photos are “‘shopped” in the sense they’s show in RAW format and color-adjusted in Photoshop. But they’re single-moment photos, not composites.)

2019-03-21T08:39:56+11:004th September, 2019|Tags: culture, photography|

Moody shoes.

The carpet cleaners are coming in, so I had to dump all my shoes in the bath to get them off the floor. Apparently I own a lot of boots I never wear. Go figure, I guess.

2018-08-24T08:21:40+10:0023rd August, 2018|Tags: fashion, photography|
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