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Whatever happened to Netflix?

You remember the days when Netflix was cool because you could use it to find lots of weird random indie stuff? Yeah. Whatever happened to that?

Streaming content providers turning into versions of content-segregated traditional cable networks is, I think, one of my least favorite developments of the online media boom…

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Tearjerker Viral Plague Gay & Lesbian Fairy Tales.

On Netflix’s 76,897 ways of classifying a film. The point of this is that, by way of both media classification and audience viewing habits, it’s possible for Netflix to know exactly what’s popular… and begin to produce it, House of Cards-style.

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Netflix? In Australia?

Oh my! /fans self

Too bad we’re living in an area that now won’t see fibre until circa 2040 (read: is an area that doesn’t already have it rolled out). Our internet isn’t terrible, but it’s not fibre-to-the-home, either.

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