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Or are we dancer?

Today in Things You’ve Probably Never Thought About Much: why are humans one of the few animals that can dance? Like, really dance, instinctively, without being instructed. Like when you hear a beat and you just can’t help bopping along, for the sheer joy of it, even if you have no actual ability and your efforts are clumsy and laughable.

Turns out, this is not only a universal human trait—it’s up there with “language”, “art”, “games”, and “jokes” as something found in every human culture in some form or another—but it’s almost unique in the animal kingdom. The only other animals that’ve been observed doing it? Parrots and elephants.

Go figure, I guess.

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The fern on my desk is doing much better since we moved offices. I think it gets less direct sun. 🌿

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People always look at me funny when I tell them my favorite weather is “twelve degrees and raining” but, hey! Turns out I’m not alone, and there’s a whole thing about “storm tourists”.

Honestly, I think it comes from growing up in an extremely dry inland climate. I can’t stand hot humidity, so tropical/beach style destinations are basically a nightmare,1 but living through decades of drought mean rain is endlessly novel. Sitting on a covered balcony watching a storm while drinking red wine is, like literally heaven for me, as is hanging out in a hot spa while it’s cold and drizzling. It’s also why my Tumblr is basically just endless photographs of places like Iceland and New Zealand and the American northwest.

Basically, give me green and wet and cool, and I’ll live happy.

  1. Also, being essentially blind without glasses makes the beach, particularly the Australian beach, a TERRIFYING DEATH TRAP DO NOT WANT. ^
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… okay this somehow both makes perfect sense and is completely not what I was expecting, all at the same time.

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Aa lava.

Lava is not messing around.

(Also big shout-out to some random video we watched once in high school science, which is how I’m pretty sure this is aa1 lava.)

  1. Pronounced ah-aah. ^
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