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Sig and Lain.

Haven’t drawn these losers for a while…

I also switched to a different sketching pencil in Clip Studio, and I’m not sure if I like it as much as the old one I was using, but I’m also not sure what the old one I was using was so… er. Oops?

2019-02-12T09:30:27+10:0012th February, 2019|Tags: my art, wyrdverse|

Young man with yellow eyes, long curly brown hair, and sheep horns.


More adventures in sketch doodling.

This is Elliot, a metis Glasswalker NPC from the W:tA game I’ll be running on (hopefully) Tuesday. He is so angry and so surly because I didn’t bother cleaning up his sketch1 before messing around with coloring it, so his face is kinda wonky. Oops.

  1. Always flip your images, kids! []
2019-01-29T13:02:04+10:0027th January, 2019|Tags: my art, rpgs, tabletop rpgs, werewolf the apocalypse|

Grey serpentine/draconic demon bust, from the side, showing three magenta eyes. Sketch.

In the spirit of trying to do more art more quickly: the demon Haborym, a.k.a. Lee, a Shepherd of the Lilim.

Lee has a totally OTT design that I’m terrible at keeping consistent but… honestly? I find it kind of relaxing doodling in its scales and horns.

2019-01-29T12:58:32+10:0027th January, 2019|Tags: my art, SPACE DEMONS, wip|

Messing around with Sketchbook on the new iPad. I do miss the bigger screen space of the old one, but… this one fits in my handbag. Why can’t I have both things, damnit!

2019-01-29T12:52:58+10:0024th January, 2019|Tags: DRAGON OF ROSEMONT HIGH, my art, wip|

Con art.

So if anyone was wondering what I was drawing last weekend at Continuum… ta-daa! Who doesn’t love a fat snake-demon with tentacles? I mean, really. One day I may even finish painting something other than just the head.

(Yeah. Right…)

2017-06-19T14:38:41+10:0015th June, 2017|Tags: my art|

Conflux 12: The sketch post.

So because I didn’t get to many panels at Conflux 12, I didn’t get much art done. Nonetheless, I dutifully lugged my iPad around for the entire weekend anyway, and this is the result.

Still unfinished… and also super, super dark. I swear it didn’t look that dark on the iPad. What the hell, Procreate?

2017-09-02T08:37:27+10:005th October, 2016|Tags: conflux12, my art|