Adventures in BuJo, week 2.

A few wonky lines, but not too bad for Week #2. Also rounded corner boxes are a huge pain, as it turns out.

Materials: Paperblanks dot grid journal. Copic SP 0.5 and BS. White Uni-ball Signo white broad. Tombow ABT 992 & 126 (plus more for the moth).

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? Knitting update!

Currently making: Experimental Poncho. Because I like ponchos, and don’t like following patterns.

Progress thoughts:

  • I love this yarn so much. It has a beautiful soft texture and half of me knitting is just me wanting to feel it more in my hands.
  • How does one consistently make the yarn join knots go on the back? I’ve mostly managed it but one snuck through to the front and… guh.
  • So the idea is this will be a cowl neck. When I get to the main part should I flip the work over so the knit-stitch side is “outside” for both the neck and the body?
  • I need to learn how to add stitches. I think I might have to get out my little needles and make a mini version in practice to get the shapes down… (Pattern? What pattern?)
  • I am going to need a bigger wire for the body part.
  • I am definitely going to need more yarn, which is a pain because the company ships via FedEx and FedEx is awful…


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? Roach’s Too Big Hat

Oh yeah I finished my first “real” knitting project. My favorite part was accidentally making a rolled hem just by not being very good at magic circle knitting.

Not quite the shape I was going for, but definitely fit the brief of “a beanie that isn’t too small for once” (yes I have an enormous head).

Next project: I ordered like a million balls of chunky cotton yarn to make a lightweight shawl with. Wish me luck!

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So last Sunday, just before D&D, I got this massive urge to learn how to knit. Mostly because I’d been looking up dark mori images after getting hit with a New Writing Project Idea, and also because I like knitwear, and. Well. It seems like a useful skill to have to prepare for the inevitable oncoming collapse of society and/or my plans to retire to the woods to become a bog witch in my old age.


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Laqis dress-ups.

Messing around with dress-ups for Laqis… also getting used to quick-and-dirty ways of painting/sketching in Clip Studio. Wings and tail not included for space/speed/laziness reasons.

The first is their “standard” outfit, the second for traipsing about the wilderness in the cold, then a ballgown, then a Fancyman Lord outfit, then SKYPIRATES!!!. Shiftweave, here we come!

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More quick D&D doodles. DnDoodles.

Ziggy is a gnome artificer and would-be revolutionary who wants to stick it to House Cannith. The party found him running a brainwashing cult on behalf of Law-aligned outsiders, smashed up the cult in the Goat Incident, and somewhat forcibly removed him on behalf of an airship captain who totally isn’t a House Cannith operative in disguise no siree. The tiefling girl, Dara, was a former cult acolyte who followed the party partly to escape her abusive father (who until that point had been being “kept in check” with cult brainwashing; basically a lingering version of the calm emotions spell) and party to help Ziggy take down House Cannith. Laqis—who approves of neither House Cannith, brainwashing, abusive parents, nor sending children to do one’s dirty work—is apparently now Team Dad to Dara and enemy-of-my-enemies with Ziggy. Also possibly the new captain of an airship?

… and the adventures continue!

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… is this literally the first time I’ve ever drawn Sigmund looking angry? Quite possibly!

Anyway, if you wanted to know how to draw an ACAB bindrune… enjoy.1

  1. The translation is… approximate, since the word “cops” obviously didn’t exist in Old Icelandic and “bastard” may not have had quite the same cultural connotations. Also, for the record “ᛅᛚᛚᛅᛦ ᛚᚢᚴᚴᚢᛦ ᛅᚱᚢ ᛒᛅᛋᛏᛅᚦᛅᛦ” would, I think, be the whole thing in Younger Futhark. []
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