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Thursday @ 3:14 pm

Obviously the first thing I used the Lain paperdoll for was dressing him up in his previous incarnation’s previous incarnation’s clothes . . .

(People who were extremely, ahem, cool in the early 2000s may, in fact, recognise this outfit is pretty much taken straight from the one Max wears in Gloomcookie . . .)

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Sunday @ 10:51 am

Aah, yes. In the “anatomy practice” stage of the paper doll.


  1. How the hell did this loser’s character design get somehow worse to draw in the last, like, twenty-five years?
  2. I like how all the scribbly women on his left arm look like penises. (I decided to leave them, because lol.)
  3. There is one really glaring continuity error (actually the same error is repeated a few times, but it’s particularly obvious in one place), which if anyone can point out you win all the Viking Age Nitpicker Internet Points forever.
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Adventures in BuJo, week 2.

A few wonky lines, but not too bad for Week #2. Also rounded corner boxes are a huge pain, as it turns out.

Materials: Paperblanks dot grid journal. Copic SP 0.5 and BS. White Uni-ball Signo white broad. Tombow ABT 992 & 126 (plus more for the moth).

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