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Dropping the bass… barcode-style.

2020-03-27T07:43:46+11:007th July, 2020|Tags: music|


What if there was a song so obscure not even the internet could find it?

I had one of these for years and years as an mp3 I got from a friend who in turn got it from another friend. It took nearly a decade until it started showing up in (English-language) search results, but even now it’s hard to track down the specific mix of the song I’m used to…

2019-10-30T09:14:49+11:0027th February, 2020|Tags: music, pop culture|

Sunk cost fallacy.

Hey you remember that time U2 gave away an album for free to people with iPhones? And everyone freaked the fuck out about it?

Wild times.

(Incidentally, I listened once to one Songs of Innocence song, by accident on random shuffle, and… I actually kinda liked it? I mean, I still immediately deleted the album from every device I own because people are weird and I’m not exception. But, y’know. That one song was pretty okay.)

2019-12-18T09:52:56+11:0026th January, 2020|Tags: apple, ios, iphone, music, pop culture|