Switching jobs for great XP.

So I hit 80 on Dancer about halfway through the Shadowbringers storyline, and not wanting to “waste” the leveling XP, it’s time to put that on hold while I catch up my old main, Summoner.

Been doing it by leveling Scholar and . . . it took me a while to get into the groove of it, but I think I kinda like it?

Also I get to dress like a frumpy librarian, so . . .


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Yeah, Cool Fantasy Outfits are cool and all . . . but what if I fought monsters and saved the planet in ripped jeans and a pair of Chucks?1

  1. Also demon goat horns. []
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Levelling IDC (Interior Decorator).

My FFXIV FC room! I wanted to do something in-line with the themes of the FC—ivory roses, mandragoras, and purple—and got two out of three. I also wanted to practice making fake windows and a kind of “inside outside” room, and maybe got about halfway there? Definitely learned some Lessons about light clipping and TV placement. There’s still a few plants and things I’d probably want to tweak but . . . good enough for now!

This is also the second build; the first one just . . . wasn’t working out for me the way I wanted, but I took some screenshots to preserve it for posterity:


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Oppapartment style!

Well. I did it. I started on my Long Road to the Final Fantasy XIV endgame, i.e. doing fashion shoots in custom housing, by buying and decorating an apartment. So say hello to the proud owner of Kobai Goten Wing 1 Room 20, 12 Ward, Shirogane, on Midgardsomr (it should be open to visit in-game, if that’s your bag baby).


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The grind.

So because of Dislocated Assbones1 I can’t sit on chairs for long periods, which has really cramped my gaming style. I’ve spent the last couple of months obsessing with games I could play on my laptop sitting on the couch, so first Cities: Skyline and then Crusader Kings 3, but kind of got to the point where I’d modded the latter out as much as I wanted to and . . . Now what?


  1. Yes, really; my coccyx basically looks like an L. Probably the result of an old injury that’s been recently re-aggravated. []
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… aa-aa-and nearly exactly two months after finishing A Realm Reborn, there’s Heavensward done!

The writing is definitely getting better, though still suffers from the problem games with unvoiced protagonists often have wherein you kind of end up feeling like a side-character in everyone else’s drama (despite doing all the “work” to fix it!).

On the plus side: flying is still awesome, and the gating requirements feel natural and manageable.1 Also I… really, really like Dancer? Like I wanted to unlock it because of (ahem) the aesthetics but I actually really enjoy how it plays, to the point where I’ve switched to it as my main (from Summoner).

And now… to slog through the 3.x content filler before the next expansion (ugh). Hopefully it won’t be as tedious as the 2.x stuff, though looking at the wiki there are still way too many Duties and way too much run-here-watch-a-cutscene-run-there-watch-a-cutscene-run-back-watch-a-cutscene.

Also: I have discovered Triple Triad. Don’t ask me why it took me this long to actually start playing it.2 I was the, like, one person who really enjoyed Triple Triad in FFVIII, and… I still really enjoy it. I’m not actually good at it, but luckily you don’t really have to be.3 So… on my way to grinding out that 100,000 MSP for those sweet sweet arch-demon horns…

  1. Basically, once you’re done with the MSQ in a zone, you should have done at least 90% of the work to unlock flying “naturally”, so it never really feels like a grind to get the last few pieces. []
  2. think the first time I went to the Saucer I got the impression it was a PvP mini game only? []
  3. Winning is like 60% what cards you have, 30% what rules are in effect, 10% skill. []
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